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Landscape Design

I put a lot of thought into my landscape designs for people.  Living on the central coast of California there is much to consider for types of plants, but more than that I like to get into my clients head about how they want to use their yard.  What they want to accomplish in the end.  For this to happen I need to spend time with you.  Get to know you and listen to your vision for your backyard and front yard.  Then, after hearing your vision I go to town with inventive and unique design elements that are practical and eye catching.  I keep in mind micro climates in your yard that may direct the layout for early morning or late afternoon activities and how each plant will react to it’s intended location.  I find that most people enjoy the combination of a beautiful & functional yard with low maintenance.  Over the years I have designed some amazing original fountains along with vary beautiful and functionally smart landscapes.  If you live in the five cities like Pismo Beach, Shell Beach, Avila Beach, Arroyo Grande, Grover Beach or even San Luis Obispo, give me a call and lets brainstorm together about your space.