Home Elements Testimonial

Rich Guili

SEPTEMBER 27, 2011

We’ve used Poul for many projects: an addition and extensive remodel, long driveway construction, a large deck with a spa, landscaping overhaul and reconstruction after a fire. No matter what the project, Poul approaches his work with a unique eye for detail, with the utmost honesty and integrity. His estimates are also very good. Poul is the best, which is why we call him for all our construction needs.

Bill Cockshott

April 2, 2010

Poul is a wonderful contractor to work with on a project. I think what distinguishes him from many others, is that he​ LISTENS to you and works to make your wishes happen.

Kris Washam

April 3, 2010

Poul is the best in the construction business… He sees detail, does what he say he will do for the estimate he has given. He is on the job everyday and his estimates are the best we have ever seen. It is all in the details and that’s what you get when you call Poul!

Arthur Kell

June 28, 2012

First, let me tell you about me. I am not easy to work with. I am a type A personality and many of my friends bet I would never find a contractor that would stick around and build me a house. In addition, I am very frugal and demanding (however Poul agrees I am fair). I knew nothing about construction and am very curious. Considering the above, we were blessed to have Poul Norholm as our contractor. Poul is even keeled and is the type to adapt to most personalities. Honesty, keeping his word, dependability, accountability are all traits he possesses and would need to have in order to work with me. Technically, Poul is incredibly knowledgeable and works well with and is respected by his sub contractors. Without exception every sub he selected was top drawer. That was especially important in that we pressed each of them very hard on their bidding which led us to be under our cost estimates. The quality of our home speaks for itself. I told Poul that if he has clients seriously interested in his services, my home would always be open for him to show his work. Barbara and I could not have been more pleased. Poul is one of a kind.